Stephanie Ramos

Hi My name is Stephanie Ramos and I am double majoring in Multimedia and Theology. I love multimedia because we are able to express ourselves in so many different ways and it’s so fun to bring to life the ideas we have in our minds. I love to spend time with my family, play music and do makeup.

I love social media and I believe that it is so useful to be able to connect and reach people. I am able to share my work but also those of my peers, social media is a powerful place that can connect us with our next client or next job opportunity. My job for CLUfest is creating an experience that people will remember. Along with Maia, one of our producers, we are creating something that will show off our multimedia creativity and doing it in a unique way. Come see our hard work in person on Saturday Apr 23, 2022at 6:00 PM!!!! We will be having food, stickers, tattoos and photo opportunities!!!